7 Tips to Prevent Tack Theft


Securing your barn and tack room is half the battle in preventing tack theft. Tack is not cheap. Plus it is a hassle to replace.  Here are a few simple steps you can take to help protect yourself from tack theft:

Invest in strong locks. A deadbolt lock may be enough of a deterrent for a potential intruder to move on and look for a softer target. Also be sure to secure windows. Locking saddle racks are also available, which are great for shows!

Install motion-sensor lights. Use lights around your property and barn entrances to scare off intruders before they even get close to stealing. Position the lights so that they are visible from the house if they get set off.

Get a dog. Even if they are not intimidating, their bark may warn you to potential intruders.

Add an alarm system. Consider an alarm system adapted to work in a barn environment. Those tripped by motion might not be a good idea, given the activity of barn cats, but a system that sounds an alarm and alerts police when a door or window is breached can help stop a robbery in progress. Video cameras are also a good investment. Not only can they act as a deterrent, you may have video footage to help in any investigation. Post signs stating that the barn is under surveillance.

Mark your property. It may not keep your tack from being stolen, but putting your name on items using nameplates, stamps or even a permanent marker can help you recover them later. Be sure to alert local auctions, tack resellers and Facebook groups upon discovering the tack theft. Also make note of any serial numbers or identifying markings on tack and equipment. Keep details photos of big ticket items.

Get insurance. While it might not be the full value of the stolen items, you may be able to get some sort of reimbursement. Talk with your insurance provider to see whether or not you need a separate policy or if your tack is covered under your home insurance. https://horse.on.ca/need-tack-insurance-isnt-covered-homeowners-policy/

“Neigh”bourhood watch. Take note of unfamiliar people and vehicles in and around your farm. It is a good idea to have all visitors to your farm check in when they come on the property. Make friends with your neighbours and keep an eye out for each other. If you have barn staff, encourage them to make note of any suspicious activity and to record people and/or vehicle descriptions.

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