Advertise on London Horse Sports and take advantage of the power of Compound Marketing. In an effort to help you and your business, we have created a community strategy to stretch your advertising dollars as far as they can go. Your investment in joining the London Horse Sports membership becomes multi-dimensional.

Compound Marketing

On top of the brand awareness you get from promoting your business, a percentage of the profits gained by our advertising program will be re-invested into promoting our brands together using both traditional and digital media. The more businesses in the group, the greater the marketing power. The more members in the group the more money invested; The cycle repeats over and over again in a compounding fashion. Over time, your investment could help fund several of the Equestrian programs all across Ontario.

How advertising revenue will be spent:

  1. Facebook & Google ads
  2. Print & Magazine ads
  3. Event sponsorship campaigns
  4. Online Forums Bulletin Boards, Blogs and Email Newsletters
  5. Facebook Pages and Groups
  6. YouTube Channel content & The Horse Show Podcast




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