Canadian Cowgirls Stampede to Calgary

canadian cowgirls

Chloe & Melissa are two of the out-of-town members of the Canadian Cowgirls rodeo drill team.

The Canadian Cowgirls are a professional, not for profit team that travels all over North America as ambassadors promoting our love of our country, flag and the horse.

We are flattered to be often compared to the RCMP Musical ride, with a few small differences; one of which is that we do not receive government funding.

This team is not our full time job – it’s our hobby and our passion.  We use our weekends and our vacation time to travel and rely on sponsorships and fundraising to afford to take our show on the road and share our passion with others.

Being a part of this amazing team has given us the opportunity to live out a big dream… between now and June we will be fundraising to get ourselves and our horses Sysco & Jessie to the dream rodeo… The Calgary Stampede 2017!!

To assist with this exciting (and huge) trip, we will be selling beautiful red maple leaves for $10 each.  Each leaf sponsored goes directly to our personal fundraising goals to help us get all the way to Calgary.


January 5, 2017 |

2016 Ontario Ride N Tie Championships


On October 1, 2016 the Ontario Competitive Trail Riding Association (OCTRA) hosted their provincial Ride n Tie championship race in the Dufferin Forest just north of Orangeville.

This year’s race covered a 20km (12 mile) course through the trails of the Dufferin Forest. 5 teams set out to tackle the challenging trail with the top 3 team finishing fairly close to one another. Ashley Tomaszewski and her brother Alex riding Splash won the race with a time of 2:08:00. Coming in a close second with a time of 2:18:00 was Susan Winmill and Caitie Ciampaglia with Traverston Batique. Third place went to Alana McDougall, Jessica Davis and Distinctly Western finishing with a time of (more…)

December 28, 2016 |

How To Take The Perfect Horse Selfie

horse selfie

How to Take the Perfect Horse Selfie!

Taking a good selfie is hard. It’s even harder when you’re trying to include your 1000 pound partner with a mind of their own! Here are some tips and tricks to master that perfect picture to post on social media.


There’s a reason some of the best selfies are taken in the car  – natural, unfiltered light, no backlighting (can make you look washed out if not done quite right), main light source coming from front. “Walls” of the car shadow either side of face adding depth to the lighting. Because it is nearly impossible to fit a horse in a car, you can get a similar effect in a door entrance or barn aisle. (more…)

December 20, 2016 |

The Importance of Coaching


Coaching was the topic of discussion at the Ontario Equestrian Federation member appreciation night at the 2016 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Bill Windsor was presented with the 2016 OEF Coach of the Year award by Ian Millar and OEF President Mark Nelson and Ian discuss the importance of good coaching in the equine industry. Check out the following videos:  (more…)

December 8, 2016 |

2016 Thoroughbred Makeover – A Young Rider’s Experience


My name is Chloe Duffy, I am 15 years old and have been riding since I was 3/4 years old. My Grandpa Bert bought me my first pony and I was hooked!


This 2016 year has been amazing! I have had lots of learning opportunities with a great little off-the-track thoroughbred Carless Cousin. We call him Eddie and he is the cutest little 4 year old dark bay gelding who has such a great heart for humans and sport. Our family adopted him from LongRun Retirement Thoroughbred Society on December 31, 2015. I say we adopted him but he actually adopted us! (more…)

November 30, 2016 |

Equine Industry Symposium

equine industry symposium

On Saturday November 19, the University of Guelph and Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management – Equine students hosted the inaugural Equine Industry Symposium. Delegates from many different facets of the equine industry were invited to participate in a panel and roundtable discussions to bring to light issues within the equine industry, such as education and training, employment, bringing new people into the industry, and attracting youth, and how to potentially solve these.

The university will be publishing a summary of the proceedings and decisions flowing from the Symposium in the following weeks.

The day culminated with an open to the public talk with Canadian Olympian Ian Millar, who discussed his views on the state of the Canadian equine industry, as well as stories and lessons learned. You can listen below to hear the full discussion with Ian Millar and former CEO of Equine Canada, Akaash Maharaj.


equine industry symposium

November 25, 2016 |

Ancaster Saddle Club Year End Awards

ancaster saddle club

The Ancaster Saddle Club is a non profit club that organizes English and Western Schooling Shows and promotes horsemanship in the community in a safe and professional manner. Five shows take place one Sunday a month beginning in May and ending in September (weather permitting). The Ancaster Saddle Club offers English Hunter classes and Western Performance and Games Classes. All shows are held at the Ancaster Fair Grounds, located at the corner of Trinity Rd and Hwy 2, Ancaster.

The Ancaster Saddle Club recently held their year end banquet to recognize the riders, coaches, parents and volunteers who  have competed and helped out at the club throughout the season. Here are the 2016 award winners:

ancaster saddle club


Champion: Alexandra Cleva- Gingerbread
Reserve Champion: Cheyanne Galer- Deesigner Boots
3rd: Tyson Menard- My Girl
4th: Kaylah Galbraith- Good as Gold

Champion: Jeanette Schweger- Black Jack
Reserve Champion: Olivia Cleva- August Jewel
3rd: Lea Adams- RCS Hannah Mae
4th: Avril Anderson- RCS Savannah
5th: Samantha Kean- Azura
6th: Emily Chamberlain- Curtis

Champion: Lisa Gingerich- Jackson
Reserve Champion: Lauren Barr- I’m lichen it
3rd: Ellie Stutsman- Aldebaran
4th: Emma Telfer- Amarillo

Champion: Jayde Croome- Limited Edition
Reserve Champion: Felicity O’Neill- After Dark
3rd: Millie May Morrison- My Handsome Prince Edward
4th: Saige Fiddes- Black Magic
5th: Courtney Vanderhout- Deesigner Boots
6th: Julienna Walsh- Candy Apple

Champion: Jennie Robinson- Tall, Dark and Handsome
Reserve Champion: Cassie Pullan- Phedora
3rd: Stephanie Houghton- Oh Murphy
4th: Jennifer Gaudreault- Rock N Rolla
5th: Sheridan Henry- Crystal
6th: Victoria Schweyer- Southern City

Champion: Simone Itte- My Masterpiece
Reserve Champion: Michela Ferreri- Candy Apple
3rd: Nieve Kamadan- No Splash
4th: Lindsay O’Brien- SSC Eye Get It
5th: Autumn Johnstone- Devilish Prospect

OPEN 2’6”
Champion: Stephanie Houghon- Oh Murphy
Reserve Champion: Simone Itte- My Masterpiece

OPEN 2’9”
Champion: Caitlin Speed- Take a chance on me
Reserve Champion: Madison McBride- Pacific Breeze
3rd: Stephanie Houghton- Oh Murphy
4th: Victoria Schweyer- Southern City


Champion: Monica Collins- Good and Tasty
Reserve Champion: Annie Gregotski- Shock Time Charlie
3rd: Katelynne Moors- Baby Girl Dun It
4th: Melissa Gifford- Oopsy Daisy

Champion: Monica Collins- Good and Tasty
Reserve Champion: Melissa Gifford- Oopsy Daisy

Champion: #48- Total Tequila Twist
Reserve Champion: Emily Lichty- Guess Who Showed Up
3rd: Jayden Lee-Forfar- Guess Who’s Kid
4th: Aly Jamieson- Burs Breezy Bar Chic
5th: Jordan Allan- Peppy Sugar Fix

Champion: Jessica Cizma- Guess Who Showed Up
Reserve Champion: Mya Johns- Shock Time Charlie
3rd: Brody Cumming- Total Tequila Twist

Champion: Megan Clay- BSL Paint the Wind
Reserve Champion: Annie Gregotski- Shock Time Charlie

Champion: Megan Clay- BSL Paint the Wind

Champion: #48- Total Tequila Twist

Champion: Annie Gregotski- Shock Time Charlie
Reserve Champion: Monica Collins- Good and Tasty
3rd: Melissa Gifford- Oopsy Daisy

ancaster saddle club

For more information, visit their website at

November 24, 2016 |

Black Friday and Holiday Shopping

black friday

Skip the crowds and do your Black Friday and holiday shopping online and support local athletes at the same time! In August 2017, the Eat Sleep Ride Repeat team will be competing in the 250 mile (400km) Shore to Shore race with their horses. The race is run over 5 days starting at the shore of Lake Huron and ending at the shore of Lake Michigan. We are fundraising to help offset the costs for preparing and participating in the race.

You do not have to do anything extra and it will not cost you anything more than what you spend. Every time you shop online using this link:, Flipgive will give them a percentage of your purchase to go towards their goal. The link will give you access to big name retailers such as Indigo, Apple, Lowes, Under Armour, Bass Pro, Hudson’s Bay, Groupon, and many more.

Please feel free to share this with family and friends and they thank you in advance for your support.

Eat Sleep Ride Repeat is a team of endurance riders from Ontario that blog about their adventures with horses, both at home and abroad. Check out their website for more information.

black friday

November 21, 2016 |

Interview with Kent Farrington and Nick Skelton

kent farrington

Kent Farrington

Kent Farrington won the ever popular Big Ben Challenge at the 2016 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Kent was part of the silver medal winning team for the USA at the 2016 Rio Olympics and has represented the United States at multiple World Equestrian Games and Pan-American Games. He is currently ranked 4th in the world standings and is the highest ranked American.

Nick Skelton

Hot on his heels was Olympic gold medalist Nick Skelton. In 2016, at the age of 58, Skelton won the Individual Olympic gold medal at his seventh Olympic Games riding for team Great Britain.



November 16, 2016 |

Big Ben Challenge – November 12, 2016

royal agricultural winter fair

Horse show results from Day 9 of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, including the Big Ben Challenge. If you are looking for results for other classes, let us know!


result entry # horse / owner rider prize
1 111 Creedance
Kent Farrington & RCG Farm
Kent Farrington
2 156 Big Star
Oliver Robertson & Gary & Beverley Widdowson
Nick Skelton
3 81 Dixson
Susan & Ariel Grange
Ian Millar
4 88 Gasper Van Den Doorn
Chadburn Holdings, Inc.
Mac Cone
5 117 Confu
St. Bride’s Farm
Laura Kraut
6 139 CHAQUI Z
Spy Coast Farm LLC & Shane Sweetnam
Shane Sweetnam
7 142 Barnetta
Sky Group
Sharn Wordley
8 120 Ohlala
Lauren Hough
Lauren Hough
9 99 Victor
Torrey Pines Stable & Artisan Farms LLC
Tiffany Foster
10 135 MONODIE H
Gugler Sport Horses GmbH & Co. KG
David Will
11 78 For Freedom Z
Angelstone Partners
Keean White
Vanam Int’l Hamleoot & Rodrigo Pessoa
Rodrigo Pessoa
13 133 Charly Brown
Martina Jelinkova
Darragh Kenny
14 109 Calvin Klein
Millar Brooke Farm
Jonathon Millar
15 152 Caleno 3
Gotham Enterprizes LLC
Georgina Bloomberg
16 103 Grand Cru VD Vijf Eiken
Vanessa Mannix
Vanessa Mannix
17 149 Cicero II
Axel Verlooy- Eurohorse BVBA
Harrie Smolders
18 155 Caruso 472
Axel Verlooy- Eurohorse BVBA
Jos Verlooy
19 126 Gentille van Spieveld
Peter Howard & GJ Stable
Leslie Howard
big ben challenge

First and second place riders, Kent Farrington and Nick Skelton



result entry # horse / owner rider prize
1 1109 West Star
Andrea Galan-Nicholls
Claire Hunter
2 1106 Cabella W
Hannah Ellingham
Andrea Volasko
3 1111 Bystorm Judas
Garry Roque
Ronnie Davidson
4 1167 Solar Eclipse
Jennifer Brech
Cale Thompson
5 1104 Capricio
Nancy Collins
Nancy Collins
6 1123 Icarus M7
Daune MacGregor
Andrea Corvari
7 1110 Etching
Amy West & Alicia Daley-Tiller
Alicia Daley-Tiller
8 1129 Cadfael
Stephanie Inglis
Hyde Moffatt
9 1166 Amazing Eh
Erin Amos
Jason Kerkof
10 1140 Westminster
Nancy Fagan
Nancy Fagan


result entry # horse / owner rider prize
1 1109 West Star
Andrea Galan-Nicholls
Claire Hunter
2 1106 Cabella W
Hannah Ellingham
Andrea Volasko
3 1141 Dante’s Diamond
Dianna Haughton
Caitlin Phillips
4 1191 Bon Vivant
Dianna Haughton
Dianna Haughton
5 1167 Solar Eclipse
Jennifer Brech
Jason Kerkof
6 1119 Red Ruby Slippers
Naomi Simpson
Sarah Croft
7 1107 Heaven Sent Heidi
Paige Winton
Amy Noonan
8 1129 Cadfael
Stephanie Inglis
Hyde Moffatt


result entry # horse / owner rider prize
1 808 Hitch-Ames Percheron Farm, Inc.
Ames Percheron Farm Inc
Travis Shaw
2 562 Hitch-Country Lane Belgians
Ted & Chris English
Kyle Forsyth
3 824 Hitch-All Star Farms
Doyle Dingman & Nick Wagner Families
Ross Honsberger
4 728 Hitch-Express Clydesdales
Bob Funk – Express Clydesdales
Josh Minshull
5 602 Hitch-David Carson Farms & Auctions
David & Margo Carson
James Kuepfer
6 848 Hitch-Shining Stars Percherons
Dianna Marquardt
Jared Hanson
7 737 Hitch-Hunting Creek Farms
Hunting Creek Farms
Chip Lawrence
8 601 Hitch-Brand AAA Cattle Co
Robert Brander
Pat Stokes
9 564 Hitch-Pro Motion
Pierre Gagnon
Pierre Gagnon


result entry # horse / owner rider prize
1 147 Apollonia 23
Copernicus Stables LLC
Harrie Smolders
Centin Gungor
David Will
3 128 Moondoggie
Peter & Leslie Howard
Leslie Howard
4 151 Gaston Van T Steentje
Axel Verlooy- Eurohorse BVBA
Jos Verlooy
5 153 Zinius
Axel Verlooy- Eurohorse BVBA
Audrey Coulter
6 132 H-Cassino
Signature Farm
Darragh Kenny
7 158 Quidam’s Rubinia
Alan Manning
Hyde Moffatt
8 104 Chemas
Vanessa Mannix
Vanessa Mannix
9 144 Chesney
Artisan Farms
Tiffany Foster
10 143 Caiman des Sequoias
Sky Group & Sharn Wordley
Sharn Wordley
11 110 Caprice
Peter Edgar
Jonathon Millar
12 116 Bialda
St. Bride’s Farm
Laura Kraut



November 15, 2016 |
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