Another accident between vehicle and horse-drawn carriage


Just weeks after a fatal collision between a vehicle and horse-drawn carriage in Dundalk, Ontario (, another collision between a buggy and vehicle occurred Sunday afternoon near the town of Belmore, Ontario.  Police are reporting that an equipment failure was the cause of the accident, causing the driver to lose control and overturn the seating compartment of the buggy. While 8 people were injured, there were no human fatalities. Unfortunately, the horse involved had to be euthanized.


Meanwhile, in Quebec, protestors gathered in front of city hall on Sunday in an effort to get Mayor Denis Coderre to ban horse-drawn carriages. Earlier last week, a video surfaced of one of the carriages in Montreal colliding with a vehicle. Protestors are concerned with working conditions of the horses, noting that it is unsafe for the horses to work in the city with vehicles around and having to work in the heat.

The carriage drives are arguing that the carriage industry is vital to the city’s tourism and that the horses are checked over by veterinarians on a regular basis.


What is your take on buggies/carriages in the city?

April 25, 2016 |

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