Royal Winter Fair Results – November 4, 2016

royal agricultural winter fair
result entry # horse / owner rider
1 2 Fernhill Wishes
Kirk Hoppner & Karl Slezak
Karl Slezak
2 10 Cruising Guy
Shawn Ferguson
Michael Jung
3 5 RF D’Orbalia
RF D’Orbalia Syndicate
Kendal Lehari
4 3 Irish Rhythm
Rachel McDonough
Rachel McDonough
5 1 Uptown Girl
Linnea Given
Selena O’Hanlon
6 8 Abbey GS
Charlotte Schickedanz
Jessica Phoenix
7 7 Manny
Diana Burnett & Aaron McDonald
Diana Burnett
8 6 Autorytet
Dasha Ivandaeva
Dasha Ivandaeva


result entry # horse / owner rider prize
1 81 Dixson
Susan & Ariel Grange
Ian Millar
2 83 Heros
AMMO Investments
Amy Millar
3 82 Bonzay
Isotropic Networks
Jonathon Millar
4 78 For Freedom Z
Angelstone Partners
Keean White
5 88 Gasper Van Den Doorn
Chadburn Holdings, Inc.
Mac Cone
6 106 Carimba B
Looking Back Farm
Erynn Ballard
7 87 Aldine
Sved Stables: 541601 Ltd
Jordan MacPherson
8 68 Calgary 56
Quincy Hayes
Quincy Hayes
9 90 Granturo
Western Sales & Development
Hyde Moffatt
10 103 Grand Cru VD Vijf Eiken
Vanessa Mannix
Vanessa Mannix
11 98 Canberra PJ
Sarah Jane Franklin
Sarah Jane Franklin
12 94 Airborne
Julie Firestone
Hugh Graham
13 84 Count Me In
Sandy Lupton
Beth Underhill
14 70 Zindiloma
Foxridge Farms
Sean Jobin
15 96 Braque de Villa D’Arto
Anne Sophie Milette
Anne Sophie Milette
result entry # horse / owner rider prize
1 51 Williamstown Guidam
Bronte Gray-Rochon
Bronte Gray-Rochon
2 56 Qrishna Van De Smiss Z
Jennifer Buchan
Jennifer Buchan
3 46 Caliana
Knightwood Stables
Jeff Brandmaier
4 60 Egano Van Het Slogenhof
Kingsfield Farm
Susan Horn
5 47 Heat Wave 3E
Sierra Mark
Sierra Mark
6 52 Alaska K
Ashley MacDougall
Ashley MacDougall
7 65 Raphaella M
Jennifer Macpherson
Alex Jamael
8 64 Chacco Prime
Coraline Thibault
Alexanne Thibault
9 54 Cardoso
Valhalla Equestrian
Christine Carlsen
10 49 Cassano Z
Jerome David
Jerome David
11 48 Quidam’s Caprice M
AEI Corp
Veronica Bot
12 50 Carlisco
Wolfstone Stables & Sales Inc
Lexi Ray


result entry # horse / owner rider prize
1 601 Hitch-Brand AAA Cattle Co
Robert Brander
Pat Stokes
2 868 Hitch-Lynden Manor
John Borer & Lynden Manor
Dan Barron
3 692 Hitch-Westwind Farm
Kim Smith
Don Lowes
4 800 Hitch-Stocrest Percherons
William Stokes
Mike Stokes
5 626 Hitch-Gregglea & Alamar Clydes
Steve & Beth Gregg
Jason Gregg
6 652 Hitch-McKeown Frams
McKeown Farms
Trevor McKeown
7 809 Hitch-Ryanday Farms
Robert Black
Robert Black
8 865 Hitch-Grier Family Percherons
Todd Grier
Todd Grier
9 558 Hitch-Peak and Valley Farm
David Zister
David Zister
result entry # horse / owner rider prize
1 508 Storm Trooper
Lloyd Nugent
Carolyn Nugent
2 526 De Facto
Denis Robert
Lucie Croteau
3 501 Out Of Trouble
Helen Thomas
Helen Thomas
4 518 Girl Crush
Jim McKague
Jan McKague-Weishar
5 525 Rachel Lauren
Sebastien Hebert
Evelyne Binette
6 519 Checkmate
Penny McKee
Penny McKee
7 522 Road Tour
Glen Downey
Brittney Downey
8 506 Postmaster Mike
Yannick LaFlamme
Melanie Parenteau




November 9, 2016 |

Lindsey Partridge sets records in Kentucky


Lindsey Partridge of Pontypool, Ontario, is the first equestrian ever to win two champion titles at the International Thoroughbred Makeover.

The Thoroughbred Makeover is held at Kentucky Horse Park and took place October 27-30 in Lexington, Kentucky. The competition requires competitors to take a retired Thoroughbred racehorse, and retrain them for a different discipline. Thoroughbreds tend to have a stereotype of being hot, hard to handle and only good at racing and this competition aims to show just how versatile Thoroughbreds are.  More than 300 horses were competing in the 10 different disciplines including Polo, Barrel Racing, Cow Ranch Work, Trail, Hunter, Show Jumping, Eventing, Field Hunter, Dressage, and Freestyle. Total prize money available to be won at the competition is $100,000. Trainers have from January 1st until the time of the competition in October to take a retired racehorse and train for the competition.

Last year, Lindsey Partridge won the overall title of America’s Most Wanted Thoroughbred with her horse Soar, after taking first  in Trail and third in and second in Trail and tenth in Freestyle with Lion of Wallstreet.

lindsey partridge

Soar and Lindsay at the 2015 Thoroughbred Makeover

This year, she went back to defend her title, but also try something new. She competed in Trail with both Trivia Time and Pentland, Freestyle with Trivia Time, and Field Hunter with Pentland. She had never competed in Field Hunter before.

Partridge made history when her horse Trivia Time won two disciplines – Trail and Freestyle. It is the first time anyone has won two titles. She also made history when her other horse Pentland also qualified for finals and placed third in both Field Hunter and Trail – making her the only trainer to have two horses compete and place in the top three for both their disciplines.

It’s easy to see why she won the freestyle with Triva Time.  Lindsey demonstrates just how much of a bond her and Trivia time has as she rides with no saddle or bridle through a series of obstacles that would scare most horses, culminating in Trivia Time lying down while being completely covered with a massive tarp.

lindsey partridge

Lindsey and Trivia Time

For more information please call 416-571-5914 or email, or check out her website

November 4, 2016 |

Royal Agricultural Winter Fair 2016

royal agricultural winter fair

The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair kicks off November 4th in downtown Toronto.  Whether you have attended every year since you were a child or this is your first time, there is always something new and fun to experience.  Here are some of the things you must do at the Royal this year.

Horse show (obviously!)

If you purchase a ticket to the evening horse shows, your general admission to the fair is included. Do not worry if you only have a general admission ticket though. You can upgrade to a horse show ticket at the fair entrances.  The Royal showcases a number of disciplines from western/rodeo, dressage, hunters and jumpers, indoor eventing, and entertainment such as Sylvia Zerbini and the Canadian Cowgirls.

royal agricultural winter fair

Photo source:

Even if you do not purchase a horse show ticket, you can still experience horses at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Take a walk through the barns to see the horses up close and maybe meet your favourite rider. Check out the line classes in the Horse Palace ring or grab a bite to eat at the Hitching Ring where you can watch the horses warm up while you enjoy a drink at the bar.

royal agricultural winter fair

Photo source:


Agriculture affects everyone’s lives since we all have to eat! Along with the traditional foodcourt (the apple dumplings are one of my Royal traditions!), check out cooking demos from top chefs, food and drink contests such as the Royal Wine Competition, the Ontario Craft Beer Awards, and the Ontario Cider Awards.


Photo source:

If you love local, check out the Food Sampling Pavilion to get tastings from local farms, artisanal products and new creations.  For those that like to play with their food, the butter sculpting competition is always a highlight and don’t forget to see the larger than life giant vegetables!

royal agricultural winter fair

Photo source:


There are other animals besides horses at the fair. The Royal Ring of Excellence will see the world’s best livestock competing for coveted awards. Everything from cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, rabbits, fowl, and more will be on display.

royal agricultural winter fair

Photo source:


New this year, KX Country presents the Royal Roadhouse. On Wednesday November 9th, get the real country road house experience complete with live entertainment featuring country/rock band Colt Walker, line dancing show, $5.00 beer & wine bar rail service and surprise guest appearances.

boots and hearts

Country music festival Boots and Hearts is also hosting a music showcase featuring Robyn Ottolini, Jesse Gold and winner Vanessa Marie Carter. Don’t miss this free performance Saturday November 12th from 7-9pm. Only 500 wristbands are available and all you need to get one is your general admission ticket.


In the President’s Choice Animal Theatre, catch horse breed and discipline demos, the famous Superdogs, rabbit jumping, and the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair mascot, Turbo the goat!

royal agricultural winter fair

Photo source:

To find out more about the fair, the schedule of events and to purchase tickets, visit their website at


November 3, 2016 |

Hamilton Hunt Schooling Shows

hamilton hunt club

Hamilton Hunt Club hosted its 2016 Horse Show End of the Year Banquet on October 21 at the lovely Grand Olympia in Stoney Creek. The 2016 year was full of success.

Hamilton Hunt Club installed two large 100 by 235′ sand rings for the 2016 horse show series, along with a spectators berm for families and friends to watch the show from above.

hamilton hunt club

Hamilton Hunt schooling shows include a division for our “grasshopper” competitors. This division includes fun walk/trot classes which are completed on lead line. The next step up is our beginner division which has very inviting fences, simple courses to remember, and lots of opportunity for warm ups with your coach in the ring and is open to any rider in their first two years of showing.
The big arena had a bit of an overhaul. They like to use this ring as a “transitional ring”. The courses were set the same as they were at their Trillium show. There are lots of flowers and traditional hunter jumps. Again, there are lots of opportunities to see the jumps in scheduled schooling times, with your coach in the ring, as you choose.
Finally, since their focus is on learning, for both newer riders and or horses, they feel everyone should set their own goals as that is what makes the day successful.  Sometimes you “win” just by getting to the show, dressed and ready to go. They believe everyone’s a winner. At our shows, everyone gets a prize upon entry to a division. We do however, honour our Champion and Reserve Champions, in the traditional way. Participant Prizes will be different at every show.

They also announced the addition of a Jumper series to the summer fun! With class heights for everyone as well as an Adults “happy hour” division (2’0-2’3).

For any questions about the Hamilton Hunt schooling shows, please feel free to contact:
Diane Griffett, HH Horseshow director

Chelsey Overell, HH horseshow director: 905-869-3099


Find full results from the schooling show series here:

hamilton hunt club

Team Southern Cross (left to right) Top: Aurora Denis , Isobel Bishop, Maddi Lynn, Leah Van Bradt, Madison Gough, Hannah Devries, Colleen Adlam, Emilee Maltby, Middle: Coach Fiona Borbely, Elizabeth Crymble, Dakota Cipriano, Ashley McEnhill, Ava Hall, Isabelle Leona, Vanessa Brudz, Kirstie Dufrat. Bottom: Aleah Beck, Aidan Stevens, Sophie Leone, Maggie Spiers, Ivy McCreary, and barn owner Brenda Gough.


hamilton hunt club

Team Avery Hill Top left to right : Coach Stefanie Ellul, Felicity O’Neil , Jennie Robinson , coach Amy Cleva, Ada Winegard, Rachel Unger, Simone Itte, Nieve Komadan, Melissa Shaw, Mackenzie Pusey, coach: Becky Menard. Bottom: Alexandra Cleva, Olivia Cleva, Tyson Menard, Heidi Shaw


hamilton hunt club

Jumpers 2’0: Laura Shaver, Molly Sheehan, Claudia Aguliera, Maddy Pottruff, Lauren Barr, Mya Reid, Mollie Hrycay, Dakota Cipriano , Madelyn Dillabough.



hamilton hunt club

Lead line Grasshoppers: Paige Ribey, Alexandra Cleva, Megan Johnson, Sophie Leone , Jordyn Elliott, Liana Spies, Tyson Menard , Heidi Shaw



hamilton hunt club

Abbey Road Stables: Emma Lyall, Mia Sylvester, coach Chelsey Overell, Mya Reid



For more information about the Hamilton Hunt Club shows, check out their website at

The Hamilton Hunt Club will hosting be hosting a Halloween hunter pace this coming weekend. Find all the details on the flyer below.

hamilton hunt club

October 28, 2016 |

Ontario Xtreme Cowboy at the Ancaster Fair

ontario xtreme cowboy

This article was submitted by Jamie Newton. Jamie is the 2015-2016 youth director for OXC, 2015 youth champion and a rider in the pro division. If you would like to submit an article to us, please email

Waking up at 2:30 to load the horse trailer up to head to a horseshow sounds a bit ridiculous but, when you take part in OXC races it’s a normal to wake up that early.

This being the second race OXC has had at the Ancaster fair; the show ran as smooth as butter on biscuit. The Ancaster fair is held in a great location and is a popular fair for the Hamilton area. Starting the morning with a riders meeting at 8:45, and then straight to the walk through for youth and non pro class. With approximately 40 competitors in total for the race, it was an exciting and fast show.

ontario xtreme cowboy

Photo credit to Kay’s Jolly Photography

Out of all of the courses I’ve seen at the races I’ve participated in, the jump in between the two bobcats that had the buckets raised over the jump had to be one of the coolest jump ideas ever. Very scary for a few riders and horses but, overall I loved it.

ontario xtreme cowboy

Photo credit to Kay’s Jolly Photography

One of my favorite things to see as a competitor is the crowd cheering and clapping as we compete. Knowing that the crowd is enjoying the race makes me want to rock the course and be more interactive with the crowd, so as I run by them I give them a wave and a huge smile to encourage them more.

What’s even better is when you have good music to go with your ride. I personally hate having Taylor swift played during my rides but, when you get that one song where it’s too hard to stop yourself from bobbing your head to the beat or dancing in your saddle, that’s what makes your ride better. You relax more and start having fun with your run.

This year’s race had a good crowd, awesome music and was overall, one of the best races to date. The races have always gone so smoothly and were tons of fun at the Ancaster fair. This is one of the races I always look forward for this fair and can’t wait to go back.

ontario xtreme cowboy

Photo credit to Kay’s Jolly Photography

To find out more about Ontario Xtreme Cowboy, check out their website at or on Facebook at 

October 7, 2016 |

Wellington Waterloo Hunter Pace Fall 2016

hunter pace

Melissa Speirs submitted an awesome review of the Wellington Waterloo hunt club hunter pace that she attended held last month. You can read the whole story below.  If you would like to write about a show, clinic or event that you have attended, please submit it to


The Wellington-Waterloo Hunt Club hosted a Hunter Pace on Sunday, September 11. I have never hunted before, but the owner of the horse I am part-boarding is a frequent hunter. She suggested a Hunter Pace would be a great introduction to the sport. Hunting has many traditions that can be a little overwhelming when you are looking to start so a hunter pace is a great way to get a taste of the culture.


Basically, a hunter pace is a simulated hunt. There is a predetermined course, and the hunt master rides it first to determine the optimal time. However, this time is kept secret until the end of the day. Teams of two or three ride the course and the team finishing with the time closest to the optimal time wins. The course is marked with flags or paint, and signs posted along the way give you an idea of how fast you should be going at various points. The signs tell a bit of a story of the hunt – letting you know if the “hounds” you are following are on the scent or have lost it.


Despite this, I kept forgetting that the pace was not a race, and my competitive side got anxious when I saw people ahead of us. The event has a staggered start, so there were plenty of people ahead.


hunter pace

Photo credit to Barry Chadbolt

A member of the Wellington-Waterloo Hunt Club invited me to team up with him. He had done both hunts and hunter paces before, and promised me we wouldn’t get lost. He also seemed to know nearly everyone there. All the members were very kind, helpful, and welcoming. The pace was extremely well organized and had about 130 riders – which they told us was their biggest pace ever.


The course was about ten kilometers long, and the ideal time was right around two hours. The trails and properties the course went through were absolutely gorgeous and offered some challenging hills, rocky and muddy areas, optional jumps, and even a small lake. The horse I was riding decided to blow bubbles in the water, while another rider decided to wade a little further and ended up going for an unexpected swim when the water suddenly got deeper! There were cedar and tree lined trails along with open fields. We came across a few bikers and families walking their dogs or swimming at a pond we passed. Some of them definitely did not expect to see a parade of horseback riders going past.

hunter pace

Photo credit to Barry Chadbolt


One of the more interesting things we encountered on the hunt was the “Stirrup Cup” – a pit stop were organizers offered us water, lemonade, or port.


I have been riding the horse I have been boarding in Western tack, and was pleased to hear I didn’t have to ride English to participate. The vast majority of participants were riding hunt seat (of course), but there were a few other Western and Australian saddles. I even saw one participant riding bareback!


hunter pace

Photo credit to Barry Chadbolt

If the point of the Hunter Pace was to get you interested in hunting (riding to hounds), it definitely worked. Entry into the pace also earned you a free certificate to participate in a hunt meet, which grows more tempting the more I think about it.


To find out more about the Wellington Waterloo hunt club, their website is and you can find them on Facebook at

September 22, 2016 |

Show Spotlight – Tottenham Equestrians


The Tottenham Equestrians Club ( organizes and runs horse shows for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders who wish to compete in English Hunter & Jumper classes, and Western Performance & Speed Event classes.

The mandate of Tottenham Equestrians is to provide a horse show series with subsidized entry fees making the shows affordable for everyone. Classes are very affordable and are completely volunteer run to help keep costs low so help out when you can! Although you do not have to be a member to participate, members are eligible for awards which are handed out at the year end banquet.

tottenham equestrians



Dates for this year: May 29th, June 26th, July 24th, Aug 28th and Sept 25th and all shows held at Orangeville Fairgrounds.

Rules and regulations can be found here: and class lists can be found here:


If you would like your show or show series to be featured, please comment below or contact us through our Facebook page at

April 19, 2016 |
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