Moody Mare Scents (and a CONTEST!)


Moody Mare is a brand new company based out of Mono Mills, Ontario that offers amazing homemade pampering products that are perfect for yourself or for a gift.

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Moody Mare Products

Sugar scrubs:

“Dressage Diva” a rich, soothing blend of French Vanilla Extract and Sweet Orange essential oil.
“Pony Lines” a soothing, healing blend of Green Tea Leaves, Honey and Lavender essential oils.
The bath salts that would like out of their stalls are:
“2 Refusal” a gotta find my happy place blend of Green Tea Leaves, Lavender, Clary Sage & Bergamont essential oils.
“Frozen Buckets” a definite sinus clearing blend of Rosehip Tea Leaves, Rosemary, Eucalyptus & Lavender essential oils.
“Arena Circles” a calming, take a deep breath blend of Orange Tea Leaves, Lavender, Sweet Orange & Frankincense essential oils.
“Morning Feed” a soft alarm bell ring of Green Tea Leaves, Sweet Orange & Lemongrass essential oils.

New products to Moody Mare include “Arena Dirt” which is a facial scrub/mask made with activated charcoal. “Accident Prone” which is an all around ouchy healing salve. “Wrong Bush” is a classic drawing salve that has activated charcoal and pine tar, don’t let the smell put you off, this stuff works! My personal favorite is “Parting Company”, which is a muscle soothing salve for when you and your mount “part ways”

You can find Moody Mare at the florist in Tottenham mall or email to place an order.


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March 17, 2017 |

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