Equine Industry Symposium


On Saturday November 19, the University of Guelph and Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management – Equine students hosted the inaugural Equine Industry Symposium. Delegates from many different facets of the equine industry were invited to participate in a panel and roundtable discussions to bring to light issues within the equine industry, such as education and training, employment, bringing new people into the industry, and attracting youth, and how to potentially solve these.

The university will be publishing a summary of the proceedings and decisions flowing from the Symposium in the following weeks.

The day culminated with an open to the public talk with Canadian Olympian Ian Millar, who discussed his views on the state of the Canadian equine industry, as well as stories and lessons learned. You can listen below to hear the full discussion with Ian Millar and former CEO of Equine Canada, Akaash Maharaj.


equine industry symposium

November 25, 2016 |

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  1. […] A talk by Ian Millar on the horse industry was the highlight of the evening, which you can hear in its entirety here:¬†http://tricity.horseontario.com/equine-industry-symposium/ […]

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