9 interesting ways to describe falling off your horse


Falling off is a part of riding. Although some falls can be pretty scary, sometimes they are just plain funny.

falling off

Whether you are trying to play down the seriousness of a fall (my boyfriend goes into panic mode if I tell him I fell off!) or you are just trying to be witty, try one of these lines next time you have an unplanned dismount from your horse:

  1. I performed an equine-assisted aerial maneuver
  2.  I’m flying Air Equestrian
  3. My horse and I went our own way
  4. I dismounted with style
  5. I didn’t fall down. I just got off really fast
  6. I was playing lawn darts
  7. I just wanted to test the dirt in the arena
  8. I wanted to make sand angels
  9. I fought the lawn and the lawn won.

Let’s see your pictures of epic falls and tell us the story of what happened! Or let us know what phrases you use!

April 22, 2016 |

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