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Hamilton Hunt Club hosted its 2016 Horse Show End of the Year Banquet on October 21 at the lovely Grand Olympia in Stoney Creek. The 2016 year was full of success.

Hamilton Hunt Club installed two large 100 by 235′ sand rings for the 2016 horse show series, along with a spectators berm for families and friends to watch the show from above.

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Hamilton Hunt schooling shows include a division for our “grasshopper” competitors. This division includes fun walk/trot classes which are completed on lead line. The next step up is our beginner division which has very inviting fences, simple courses to remember, and lots of opportunity for warm ups with your coach in the ring and is open to any rider in their first two years of showing.
The big arena had a bit of an overhaul. They like to use this ring as a “transitional ring”. The courses were set the same as they were at their Trillium show. There are lots of flowers and traditional hunter jumps. Again, there are lots of opportunities to see the jumps in scheduled schooling times, with your coach in the ring, as you choose.
Finally, since their focus is on learning, for both newer riders and or horses, they feel everyone should set their own goals as that is what makes the day successful.  Sometimes you “win” just by getting to the show, dressed and ready to go. They believe everyone’s a winner. At our shows, everyone gets a prize upon entry to a division. We do however, honour our Champion and Reserve Champions, in the traditional way. Participant Prizes will be different at every show.

They also announced the addition of a Jumper series to the summer fun! With class heights for everyone as well as an Adults “happy hour” division (2’0-2’3).

For any questions about the Hamilton Hunt schooling shows, please feel free to contact:
Diane Griffett, HH Horseshow director

Chelsey Overell, HH horseshow director: holimonster@aol.com 905-869-3099


Find full results from the schooling show series here: http://www.thehamiltonhuntclub.ca/horse-show-points

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Team Southern Cross (left to right) Top: Aurora Denis , Isobel Bishop, Maddi Lynn, Leah Van Bradt, Madison Gough, Hannah Devries, Colleen Adlam, Emilee Maltby, Middle: Coach Fiona Borbely, Elizabeth Crymble, Dakota Cipriano, Ashley McEnhill, Ava Hall, Isabelle Leona, Vanessa Brudz, Kirstie Dufrat. Bottom: Aleah Beck, Aidan Stevens, Sophie Leone, Maggie Spiers, Ivy McCreary, and barn owner Brenda Gough.


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Team Avery Hill Top left to right : Coach Stefanie Ellul, Felicity O’Neil , Jennie Robinson , coach Amy Cleva, Ada Winegard, Rachel Unger, Simone Itte, Nieve Komadan, Melissa Shaw, Mackenzie Pusey, coach: Becky Menard. Bottom: Alexandra Cleva, Olivia Cleva, Tyson Menard, Heidi Shaw


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Jumpers 2’0: Laura Shaver, Molly Sheehan, Claudia Aguliera, Maddy Pottruff, Lauren Barr, Mya Reid, Mollie Hrycay, Dakota Cipriano , Madelyn Dillabough.



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Lead line Grasshoppers: Paige Ribey, Alexandra Cleva, Megan Johnson, Sophie Leone , Jordyn Elliott, Liana Spies, Tyson Menard , Heidi Shaw



hamilton hunt club

Abbey Road Stables: Emma Lyall, Mia Sylvester, coach Chelsey Overell, Mya Reid



For more information about the Hamilton Hunt Club shows, check out their website at http://www.thehamiltonhuntclub.ca/horse-shows

The Hamilton Hunt Club will hosting be hosting a Halloween hunter pace this coming weekend. Find all the details on the flyer below.

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