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My Horse Show Mom

Without my mom, I would have probably never gotten bit by the horse bug.  As a child, I was terrified of animals. Hearing that horses had a therapeutic quality about them, my mother shipped me off to horse camp for a week to “get over it”.  Little did she know!!  I came home at the end of the week with a pet bunny and immediately signed up for another week.  Here I am 22 years later, still riding and involved in the horse world more than ever.

Thank you mom for putting me in horse camp and sparking my interest in horses.  Thank you for supporting me in the first steps of horse ownership when I was a teenager. Thank you for coming to every show and video taping every barrel race and drill team event. Thank you for agreeing to come help me and my horse as we ride 400 km across the state of Michigan this summer at the Shore to Shore event.  Thank you for being the best horse show mom!


horse show mom

Photo credit: Susan Partridge



Ode To the Horse Show Mom

By: Jorna Taylor


This is an ode to the horse show mom.

She’s not just any Dick, Harry or Tom.

Horse show moms are a special breed

Always around when you’re in need

Of some water, your spurs, or perhaps a crop.

With her help, you always come out on top.

She has made you and your horse her top priorities

(Mostly to keep you from the hands of the authorities!)

She’s dedicated to inhaling pounds of arena dust

And driving an aged truck covered with rust

So that it can pull your two horse trailer

Which she curses at like a drunken sailor.

Throughout the summer on any Friday night

She hooks up that rig, considering with foresight

She should have encouraged stamp collecting or chess

At least that would be far less of a mess.

You arrive back home woefully late

As your horse hated that blue and green gate

During a lengthy schooling session with your trainer

Who suggested, perhaps, he’d be better as a reiner.

On the night before a show she packs

A cooler full of drinks and snacks.

She knows you won’t take time eat or drink

Which will hinder your ability to clearly think

While on course guiding a thousand pound beast.

And that makes her worry, to say the least!

Then she has a choice to make,

Even though her bones quite ache,

Between a shower and some rest

Or to help you in your mighty quest

To remove the stain from your shad belly coat,

A remnant of last weekend’s root beer float.

You’ll lay your head to catch some zzz’s

Knowing she’s up scrubbing your custom Dees.

The alarm goes off at a quarter to four.

Before you know it, you’re out the door

And on your way to longe him down

As he’s out to win the Triple Crown.

She’s the best at “hurry up and wait”

While cajoling poor souls guarding in-gates.

She stands and watches, seemingly tense

Until you’ve cleared every last fence.

Because she rode every stride with you,

Especially when you put a one in the two!

She claps the loudest, and without pause

Even when you don’t deserve applause.

She’s just glad you are safe and sound

Cuz he took that last oxer rather round.

She knows just where you left your tack

As they wait on you to start the hack.

Then she’ll wipe your boots three times for luck,

Admonishing you for walking in the muck

After she spent the hour that she had for sleep

Polishing, without a peep.

Your trainer says, “She needs a bat,

Do not let her go into the flat.”

But horse show mom’s been around a while,

And she tells you sweetly, with a smile,

“I’d like to leave before midnight

So get in that ring, let’s not fight.

If you can’t hack your horse by now

Perhaps it should be pulling a plow!”

Finally, she sits down for a moment of rest

Just as you’re called back for the medal test.

Quickly she produces your blue coat, not green,

Knowing that you’d make quite the scene.

Those times it doesn’t go your way

She won’t let you pack up and call it a day.

Instead she listens to you rant and rave

About how your competitor was given a “save.”

She congratulates you on a really nice trip

But will not tolerate your poor sportsmanship.

You’ll begin to complain how exhausted you are

And horse show mom is dreaming of hitting the bar.

Yet you have to get your pony put properly to bed

(or else your trainer will be seeing red!)

So once again she gets in the truck

To hook up the trailer – first time, what luck!

She packs your things and tells you to skedaddle

While you chat with friends, lazily cleaning your saddle.

Then of course your horse won’t load

Finally two hours later you’re on the road.

Horse show mom glances over at you

As you’ve nodded off, clutching that blue

Ribbon you got for a job well done.

And she has to admit, maybe today was indeed fun!

You crack open one eye and you catch her glowing

Then you’ll know she enjoyed your day of showing.

But it isn’t about the ribbons or glasses

Or how many people rode in all your classes.

Horse show mom is proud to be a part of your life,

Committed to all the struggle and strife

It takes to make your dreams come true.

So horse show moms, please know how much we love you!

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