Horse Tail Ribbon Meanings


Have you ever been at a horse show or event where some of the horses have a ribbon in their tail?  Some people don’t know this, but those colours signify something about that horse. Do you know what the different colours mean?


Red ribbon

red ribbon

This one is probably the most common one seen. If you see a horse with a red ribbon in its tail, keep back!  This horse is known to kick.  While it is good practice to never get too close to a horse, people seem to really make an effort to stay away from the ones with red in their tails.  If you are an owner of one of these horses, putting ribbons in its tail is no excuse to let your horse get away with kicking.  Work on training your horse out of this habit.


Yellow ribbon

yellow ribbon


If you see a horse with a yellow ribbon in its tail, this means it is a stallion. Although the rider may be very capable of controlling their horse give this horse a lot of space (especially if you have a mare) so as not to antagonize it.  Again, the ribbon in the tail is no excuse to let your horse get away with bad behavior.


Blue ribbon

blue ribbon

In some regions, blue can also indicate a stallion, or it can indicate an exceptionally aggressive or dangerous horse.


Green ribbon

green ribbon

Green in the tail indicates an inexperienced horse (or rider). Everything may be new to them so they may be spooky or unpredictable so it’s best to give them a little more space than normal.


White ribbon

white ribbon

If a horse has a white ribbon in its tail, that means that it is for sale.  It is less obnoxious than putting a large “for sale” sign on your horse.  Prospective buyers are able to watch the horse in action at a show and know that it is for sale without having to walk up and ask the owner or rider.


Pink ribbon

pink ribbon

Mares in heat may sometimes wear a pink one in their tail. The horse may be extra cranky and prone to kick.  She may also be easily distracted by a stallion or be a distraction to one.

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