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In this blog post, we sit down with Renee Fukumoto, an artist in Georgetown, Ontario who has a passion for capturing the beauty that is horses, as well as other animals, in her work.

A little bit about Renee Fukumoto.

I am a Calgary-born Canadian artist, currently living in Georgetown, Ontario with my husband and four now adult children, as well as a collection of cats, a dog and a horse (although he is boarded out!)
Inspired to capture the natural world and my passion for animals from the time I could grasp a pencil, I find myself continuing to express this fascination through a variety of media.

renee fukumoto

“Move Along”

What sort of mediums do you work in?

Working in acrylic, charcoal, graphite, ink, oils, watercolour, photography and sculpture engages my desire for experimentation and exploration of the power and beauty of our world. I have also just begun to explore jewellery creation, using silver metal clay.

What are your favourite things to paint and photograph?

After working to commission for many years, painting and drawing portraits of people’s pets, children and homes, I began exploring my first passion: horses. I have also begun exploring the use of colour after working primarily in monochrome (graphite, charcoal and ink) for so long. The adventure of exploring these two passions, horses and colour, is very refreshing and exciting. I am also planning a collection of paintings inspired by my own children, now grown up, as well as other children. So many ideas, so many paintings in my head, so little time!

Where can people go to view some of your art?

You can see some of my work in Georgetown, Ontario at The Artisans’ Attic Gallery and Gifts, on Main Street.
* You can also find me online at:
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* –
* –

renee fukumoto

“Getting Reacquainted”

May 17, 2016 |

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