Lindsey Partridge sets records in Kentucky


Lindsey Partridge of Pontypool, Ontario, is the first equestrian ever to win two champion titles at the International Thoroughbred Makeover.

The Thoroughbred Makeover is held at Kentucky Horse Park and took place October 27-30 in Lexington, Kentucky. The competition requires competitors to take a retired Thoroughbred racehorse, and retrain them for a different discipline. Thoroughbreds tend to have a stereotype of being hot, hard to handle and only good at racing and this competition aims to show just how versatile Thoroughbreds are.  More than 300 horses were competing in the 10 different disciplines including Polo, Barrel Racing, Cow Ranch Work, Trail, Hunter, Show Jumping, Eventing, Field Hunter, Dressage, and Freestyle. Total prize money available to be won at the competition is $100,000. Trainers have from January 1st until the time of the competition in October to take a retired racehorse and train for the competition.

Last year, Lindsey Partridge won the overall title of America’s Most Wanted Thoroughbred with her horse Soar, after taking first  in Trail and third in and second in Trail and tenth in Freestyle with Lion of Wallstreet.

lindsey partridge

Soar and Lindsay at the 2015 Thoroughbred Makeover

This year, she went back to defend her title, but also try something new. She competed in Trail with both Trivia Time and Pentland, Freestyle with Trivia Time, and Field Hunter with Pentland. She had never competed in Field Hunter before.

Partridge made history when her horse Trivia Time won two disciplines – Trail and Freestyle. It is the first time anyone has won two titles. She also made history when her other horse Pentland also qualified for finals and placed third in both Field Hunter and Trail – making her the only trainer to have two horses compete and place in the top three for both their disciplines.

It’s easy to see why she won the freestyle with Triva Time.  Lindsey demonstrates just how much of a bond her and Trivia time has as she rides with no saddle or bridle through a series of obstacles that would scare most horses, culminating in Trivia Time lying down while being completely covered with a massive tarp.

lindsey partridge

Lindsey and Trivia Time

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