Ontario Xtreme Cowboy at the Ancaster Fair


This article was submitted by Jamie Newton. Jamie is the 2015-2016 youth director for OXC, 2015 youth champion and a rider in the pro division. If you would like to submit an article to us, please email ashley@horseontario.com

Waking up at 2:30 to load the horse trailer up to head to a horseshow sounds a bit ridiculous but, when you take part in OXC races it’s a normal to wake up that early.

This being the second race OXC has had at the Ancaster fair; the show ran as smooth as butter on biscuit. The Ancaster fair is held in a great location and is a popular fair for the Hamilton area. Starting the morning with a riders meeting at 8:45, and then straight to the walk through for youth and non pro class. With approximately 40 competitors in total for the race, it was an exciting and fast show.

ontario xtreme cowboy

Photo credit to Kay’s Jolly Photography

Out of all of the courses I’ve seen at the races I’ve participated in, the jump in between the two bobcats that had the buckets raised over the jump had to be one of the coolest jump ideas ever. Very scary for a few riders and horses but, overall I loved it.

ontario xtreme cowboy

Photo credit to Kay’s Jolly Photography

One of my favorite things to see as a competitor is the crowd cheering and clapping as we compete. Knowing that the crowd is enjoying the race makes me want to rock the course and be more interactive with the crowd, so as I run by them I give them a wave and a huge smile to encourage them more.

What’s even better is when you have good music to go with your ride. I personally hate having Taylor swift played during my rides but, when you get that one song where it’s too hard to stop yourself from bobbing your head to the beat or dancing in your saddle, that’s what makes your ride better. You relax more and start having fun with your run.

This year’s race had a good crowd, awesome music and was overall, one of the best races to date. The races have always gone so smoothly and were tons of fun at the Ancaster fair. This is one of the races I always look forward for this fair and can’t wait to go back.

ontario xtreme cowboy

Photo credit to Kay’s Jolly Photography

To find out more about Ontario Xtreme Cowboy, check out their website at http://www.ontarioxtremecowboy.ca/ or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/groups/264083717033994/ 

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