GUEST POST – 6 Reasons to Get Out and Try Distance Riding


If you’ve ever considered trying out distance riding, there is no better time than now. In her blog post, Eat Sleep Ride Repeat’s Ashley Tomaszewski gives 6 reasons why you should give it a go.

6 Reasons to Get Out and Try Distance Riding

  1. More bang for your buck!
  2. Any horse can do it!
  3. You can compete against yourself or others
  4. Excellent cross training
  5. Boost your horsemanship skills


distance riding


In addition, OCTRA (the Ontario Competitive Trail Riding Association) is offering a FREE entry to new riders (yes, you heard that right!) Some conditions apply so find full details here:

Aprilfest, OCTRA’s first event of the season, is being held this weekend in the Dufferin Forest just north of Mansfield. Anyone is welcome to come spectate (it’s free!)

April 26, 2017 |

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