How To Take The Perfect Horse Selfie


How to Take the Perfect Horse Selfie!

Taking a good selfie is hard. It’s even harder when you’re trying to include your 1000 pound partner with a mind of their own! Here are some tips and tricks to master that perfect picture to post on social media.


There’s a reason some of the best selfies are taken in the car  – natural, unfiltered light, no backlighting (can make you look washed out if not done quite right), main light source coming from front. “Walls” of the car shadow either side of face adding depth to the lighting. Because it is nearly impossible to fit a horse in a car, you can get a similar effect in a door entrance or barn aisle.


You may have to get creative with trying to fit both you and your horse in the shot so don’t be afraid to use different angles or a different part of his body. Experiment by holding the camera both horizontally and vertically to see which one gives you a better image; don’t fall into a routine of always holding it in just one direction. Create flattering angles by holding your camera arm higher than your shoulder. If you want to try and get a shot that captures both rider and horse, try taking the picture in a mirror.




You know those photos where it doesn’t look the people in the picture actually enjoy being there or they don’t look natural with the activity they’re performing?  You don’t want your picture to look forced.  We all love our horses and want that portrayed in our photos. You can tell when the enjoyment and connection between horse and rider are faked. For great pictures, interact with your horse. This selfie is about creating a feeling, and in order to do that, you need to touch, bond, lean, kiss and hug. Use physical contact to help show your emotional connection.  If you put your hand on your horse’s face, keep your fingers together and your hands soft so your hands don’t look like bird alons. If you need to get your horse’s attention so he puts his ears forward or opens his eyes, try throwing sand or rocks in the air or shake his grain bucket or favourite bag of treats (although sometimes the “derpy” horse face makes for some pretty good selfies if you can match your expression to your horse’s at the same time!

 horse selfie       horse selfie


If you’re looking to do something just a bit different for your pictures, there are a number of things you can try to make your picture stand out. Try a selfie stick to get some different perspectives or upload to Instagram or Snapchat and test out their filter options to enhance your photos.

horse selfie

Photo credit: Ashley Summerhayes

horse selfie


Use the horse selfie app!

Check out the brand new app All Ears Selfie! This app uses a variety of sounds to get your horse’s attention so you get that perfect ears forward photo.

horse selfie

Get it here:

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