Weird Horse Laws


Weird Horse Laws

Most horses are law abiding citizens, however, some of their owners leave a lot to be desired.  Here is a collection of weird and crazy horse laws from around the world.  (PS. If you ever get charged or arrested on any of these grounds, let us know.  It’s going to make for a good story!)


United States

Boss, Missouri: It is illegal to be seen wearing any hat which might scare a horse.


Omaha, Nebraska: A hitching post must be found in the front yard of every house

Gooches, South Carolina: Any horse ridden within the city limits must always wear a pair of pants

Brooklyn, New Work: Horses are banned from either being bathed in a household tub and from sleeping in the tub.

Hartsville, Illinois: You can be arrested for riding an ugly horse (not quite sure whose definition of ugly they go by!)

Marion, South Carolina: It is illegal to tickle a female under her chin with a feather duster to get her attention while she is riding a horse!


Pocataligo, Georgia: Horses aren’t allowed to be heard neighing after 10 p.m.



Australia: A taxi driver must (still) carry a bale of hay and a bucket to feed and water his horse (even if he is driving a car and not a carriage).



Denmark: If someone in a carriage is trying to get past a car and the horses seem disturbed, the car’s driver must pull over, calm down the horse and cover up the car.


Not quite sure why Canada seems to have some of the most obscure ones, but:


Calgary, Alberta: If you are released from prison, it is required that you are given a handgun bullets and a horse so you can ride out of town.


Toronto, Ontario: it is illegal to drag a dead horse down Yonge Street on a Sunday (guess you’ll have to change your weekend plans).

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